Oh well hey there! I'm Jaime, a high-level grey area drinking coach with a passion for helping wellness-minded women find true freedom from the moderation (un)merry-go-round.

Jaime T.

I empower clients to escape the constant BS alcohol dumps on them because we're DONE done with all that noise.

You see, I was just like you, searching for solutions to remedy my unhealthy drinking habit after numerous attempts at Whole 30s and Dry Janurys that ended with me nosediving into a bottle of red wine at the finish line.

In 2017, I committed to a 90 day challenge that resulted in alcohol losing its importance in my life.

Fast forward to today, I work with aspiring non-drinkers who are ready for a fresh approach that doesn't include AA or labels.

I recognize that making lasting change includes way more than simply quitting something cold turkey. That's why I prioritize identifying the underlying thoughts, beliefs, and actions that are holding you back.

We'll create a strong foundation for lasting change by replenishing your needs instead of leaving you high, dry, and deprived...without you ever missing out on any of the fun!

So if you're ready to regain control of your life...

...and finally be free from the brutal cycle of rule making and rule breaking...

you are in the right place, and POOF! that's where I come in!


Here at Hypegirl Healing, we do things a lil' different than most sober curious solutions out there:

Fabulous Vibes ONLY

Listen, I know it's a bigtime bummer to think about not drinking. But I promise you, the party has just begun!

Too many solutions like to keep you stuck in your past and your pain. But not up that party horn, hunny, and let the good times roll! Not drinking is a non-stop celebration, so let's boogie, babes!


This work is incredibly important to me, which is why I believe in allowing full access to the material I create. From my social media content, bi-weekly newsletters, and in-depth blogs, you can find all the information you need to create a thriving non-drinking lifestyle, even if it's not in the budget to invest in Hypegirl Healing's offers.

"OMG SHe's Real"

If I had a shiny penny for every person who said "OMG! I thought you would never see this/respond back to me!"...I would have a big ol' jar of copper pennies. Yes, I am a real person who actually gives AF. Yes, I am a real person who reads your messages and is so excited to meet you. Yes, I am a real person who totally wants you to WIN at this no drinking thing.


A few dirty details to get to know me better...

  • I'M OBSESSED WITH: The Real's my go-to when I need to unplug

  • FAVE SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: all the hip hop, Gold School, Yatch Rock, Chill Morning Mix

  • BEVIES I'M LOVING: La Croix Limoncello, Freixenet NA rose, Lyre's NA champagne

  • CURRENTLY BINGING: forest cottage Tik Tok (IYKYK)

  • SOMETHING I DO EVERY DAY: have full blown conversations with myself

  • FAVE SEASON: pumpkin spice szn/ Halloween

  • CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: my lip balm, and in particular, bag balm (again, IYKYK)

  • I'VE HAD IT WITH: the gym. We broke up in 12/22 and I started canoodling with yoga

  • TOILET PAPER: UNDER OR OVER: we cannot be friends if you put it under...OVER!

  • TEAM SALTY OR SWEET: team salted dulce de leche cheesecake



Ooze with confidence at your next big social event and have 'em fangirling over this brand new, non-drinking YOU

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