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Self-paced online course with unlimited access

Detox your mindset

Revamp your daily habits

Shine in social environments

Perfect starting point to begin your journey

Ok, so you've decided you want to take a break from drinking in hopes of tackling this moderation insanity...so now what?

You might be asking yourself "Where do I start?","What do I need to do?", "Do I actually need help?", "I'm not trying to never drink again...or am I?"

So to start, take a big exhale with me (((ahhhh))) and trust that you landed here for a reason.

Moderation Makeover is designed to help people just like you, who are at the very beginning of this no drinking thing. This signature course teaches you the foundational framework to create long-term change with your drinking habit, so you can keep sippin' the good life without the FOMO (or hangovers...AMEN!).

Moderation Makeover is the ideal starting point here at Hypegirl Healing. Make your day one happen and discover just how fabulous your life can be without the boozy wine o'clock bevie today.




60 minute strategy session

Focus on (1) clear goal

Create a results-driven roadmap

Perfect for highly motivated people

Ideal for clients with 15+ days of not drinking

Feeling nervous or overwhelmed with a particular part of your non-drinking journey (like handling your first big vacation without the poolside cocktail)?

Or maybe you're looking for extra support and guidance as you dream about your non-drinking goals (like finally maintaining a healthy relationship with food or creating a chill evening routine sans vino that improves your insanely high stress levels).

Power Hour is a 60-minute coaching session designed to help you achieve (1) specific goal. With personalized strategies and practical tools to implement instantly, you'll learn how to elevate where you are to where you want to go in just one session.

You'll walk away with a detailed, step-by-step action plan and visual roadmap...because GPS systems aren't just for cars, ya know...

This strategy session is ideal for highly motivated individuals who are ready to take action with a lil' extra support and help along the way. 15+ days of not drinking is preferred.




4-week private coaching package

4 (60) minute video calls

Individualized support and accountability

Step-by-step blueprint to your goals

Ideal for clients with 30+ days of not drinking

So you're beyond ready to create a better life for yourself without alcohol, but you have no desire to do it all alone.

You're motivated to do whatever it takes to finally be in full control of your drinking habit, but what you really want is someone on the receiving end to support you and keep you accountable...

Stop your scroll, friend, because AF Accelerator is the solution you're searching for. This 4-week coaching program is crafted with all the accountability, support, strategy, tools, and expert coaching you'll need to skyrocket your non-drinking goals.

Each coaching session is tailored to your specific needs, delivering you a one-of-a-kind experience with your own personal hypegirl in your corner, every step of the way.

This coaching program is perfect for individuals who are extremely driven to create sustainable change with alcohol but have no desire to do it alone.

30+ days of not drinking preferred.

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