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If you landed here, it's because you are so damn ready to give your life an upgrade by changing your relationship with alcohol.

So...how can Hypegirl Healing support you in nourishing the trail hikin', self-care lovin', down doggin', journal scribblin', coffee sippin' happiest and healthiest version of yourself, without alcohol showing up with it's nasty shame and hangover spirals?

Keep scrollin' to find out!


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sober curious woman seeking quick and easy solutions for navigating life without alcohol.

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Wins Like These Are The Only Buzz We Need Around Here!

Moderation Makeover was a BIG turning point for me in changing my mindset. I've been on the sober curious buzz for a long time now, and having tried a few different things, it was [Hypegirl Healing's] program where something shifted. Thank you so much...and your passion for what you do is amazing. You're a legend...Jesus, now I'm misty eyed!

- Cassie M., Ireland


Oh hey there! I'm Jaime and I'm your new go-to gal for all the non-drinking things. You see, I've shaken and stirred my skills as an herbalist and natural wellness educator to help goal-gettin' gray area drinkers and wellness-minded women live their healthiest and happiest lives sans alcohol.

My goal is to help you heal from all the BS that alcohol has put you through- like making you believe you need that nightcap (or 3) to zone out or those awful drinking- hungover- shame spirals you know all too well.

And most importantly, I want you to experience how amazing you can feel by removing just one thing from your life: alcohol.

I hope you'll be a familiar face around here!

Under The Hypegirl Healing Influence

Sip on these intoxicating goodies and elevate your non-drinking game


Not exactly sure what gray area drinking is?

This is a great place to start, as this blog outlines everything you need to know about gray area drinking...and what you can do about it.

relaxin' without alcohol

If alcohol is your go-to stress reliever, this blog is for you. Discover 10 different ways you can unwind without picking up that wine o'clock bevie, even when life is comin' in hot.

the 411 on sober challenges

Have you been wanting to try a 30 day sober challenge but you don't know if it's a good fit for you? This blog walks you through all the details to help you better understand what these challenges are all about.

How to politely decline drinks

A big concern for most newbie non-drinkers is how to handle passive-aggressive people who push you to drink. Learn how to politely decline drinks, even with the most persistent people.




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